Awaken the magic

in Bali

Back to your Self

An invitation to come back to your Self, without limitation of 'time' or external 'noises', to re-connect to our intuitive self healing part.

We'll learn to listen to our needs, be they physical, nutritional, emotional.

We reconnect our presence and our intuition to re-learn how to nurture ourselves, on all levels.

I invite you to come back to discover what your real needs are, far from the noise and turmoil common to Western lifestyles.

An invitation to come back to your Self, without limitation of 'time' or external 'noises'.

Samples of activities during the journey:

  • Daily practices: Yoga, meditation, breathing work, special restoratives and empowering rituals, mudras...

  • Sound healings, Gong bath sessions

  • Vegetarian, Vegan, Raw food exploration in the best restaurants of Ubud

  • Water Purification Sessions in Water Temples and natural waterfalls

  • Sacred journey in the North-West: connection to the Batukaru Volcano, considered the most powerful in Bali

  • Sunrise trekking on Batur volcano

  • Traditional ceremony with local priests and healers

  • Fire Ceremony (Puja)

  • Traditional Medicinal Plants Workshop (Jamu)

  • Creative workshops: mandalas ..

  • Traditional Kecak dance

This is a non exhaustive list, as all activities are done according to the energy and needs of each participant.

As the energy of the island is powerful, everyone's personal journey can be strong, rest and integration times will be set up.

Entering the sacred

on the Island of Gods

This trip is destined to meet you deeply through an authentic initiation from millennial traditions.

We will meet ancestral traditions.

From Hindu culture, this region of Indonesia is renowned for its plants medicine.

The island of Bali is also called "the island of the Gods".

It is volcanic and located on the longest line of fire of the Earth, it allows a great and powerful connection with the Elements, balanced by the Mineral, Vegetal and Animal kingdoms.

Next dates

The retrait includes:

  • teachings, classes, excursions, access to sites, purifications with local healers, transferts, accommodation in beautiful private guesthouses 

  • all meals with special vegetarian, vegan, raw exploration, including breakfast, light lunch and diner


It does not include:

  • air flight tickets

  • airport transfert

  • insurance


Return to Self to reconnect with the wisdom that dwells in us, make room to hear, trust, and step back to your own natural rhythm.

Here I will not impose any rule or regime, I will offer you a framework that will allow you to discover or rediscover that everything is in you, without limitation or family, social or cultural interference.

I will invite you to reconnect with your body and the wisdom it carries.


As everything is within you.

Eat, Pray, Love


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