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  • Marie Pierre Gay Tantra Every Moment

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Since 3 years now Marie Pierre is providing me 
a different relationship with the world.
Everything is now different for the better. Read more >

Jean Jérôme



Return to Presence

3 days retreat


Awaken the magic.

Through guided practices, daily yoga activations and integrations, rituals, we connect and activate our full presence.


An alchemy happens between one or more systemics sets, made of history, experiences, culture, moving our energetic and frequencies fields in the manifested and un-manifested realm.


We experience and connect this alchemy, awakening our capacity to feel, transcend, manifest through our presence, and access a new understanding of what healing means.


During this seminar we prepare consciously together yummy healthy vegetarians meals. 


For both Women & Men

Our body is our temple.

And when we enter within, we enter into our full presence. 

We transform, transmute, integrate. We grow. 

We shift to the awareness
of all the realities that make our existence. 

We practice Alchemy of Life.