Diane - YTT200

"How was my Journey for myself?


My heart is filled with gratitude and happiness. These four weeks together are a treasure.

Humanly, our exchanges have been so rich and dense. I learned things about myself that I think would have taken me years to understand. I learned to listen, to welcome, to let go. I have grown up. I discovered myself. I opened up to myself.


What about yoga?

With open heart, you opened the door to your world for me.

Each day has been a wonderful adventure, punctuated by magical encounters, enriching and sometimes overwhelming experiences, yoga practices that are always based on listening and sharing.


You transmitted to me with accuracy and passion the knowledge I needed, whether theoretical or practical. Your unique approach to yoga and your teaching have taught me to feel, to feel, to listen, to teach, to transmit in a simple, instinctive and playful way. And you have awakened in me a desire and a joy to teach that is more vibrant than ever. These weeks have been like years, a real journey. You have created the space for this wonderful inner transformation. 


For all our joys, for all our good meals, for all our exciting discussions, for our intense sharing, for our fabulous morning practices: I say thank you."

Marie Laure - YTT200

"This path towards myself allowed me to explore different facets of my being in order to better embrace them.

I learned to listen to my desires, to welcome my fears, to go beyond them to see that what was behind them was worth it.

I learned to love myself more, to allow myself, I discovered myself over time and I liked that.

These 4 weeks spent together were rich in teaching, sharing, emotions, and transformed me. This has helped me, on my return, to put things in place with more fluidity, and much less anxiety, and to progress more easily.


I am grateful for all these moments, the laughter, the tears, the joys, the angers, the states of grace, which have allowed me to grow and take a step closer to myself.

Yoga helps me day after day to calm down, to blossom and to move forward in my path. And I am quite surprised to see the joy I have in sharing it.

Thanks to you Marie Pierre and to all the participants. 


Céline - Kinesiology

"A few years ago, I decided to take care of me. I came to find solutions to my sadness and finally i understand that there is no problems on your life, just SIGNS to show you your right way.

The most beautiful gift from this work is YOU, understand that it's just yourself that you're looking for. I dont know how long it will take but whatever maybe there's never an end to find my way. TODAY

I learn everyday that happiness is simple, just appreciate each time, the present, each moment of this precious life and all beauties and gifts wich are just in front of you. 

Must of all searching my way, I've found something unexpected: my precious OWN TEMPLE. My meet with Marie Pierre Gay was such a beautiful and precious things in my life, THANK YOU. With love <3."

Shizuka - Kinesiology

"This was my first kinesiology session in my life.At first, I thought it was just body work - something like a massage or osteopathy. However what Marie Pierre gave me was completely different in good way from what I expected. It was more like a spiritual journey deep inside me and an eye opening experience. A healing happened both mentally and spiritually and it impacted my real life a lot after the session.I didn't even realised that I had something to be healed, but she found imbalances to be cured due to my body's reactions, by using the technique of kinesiology.After session I accept myself and my family more and I felt happy about this.As a therapist, as a friend, she is very reliable. she has been always honest. I would like to recommend this session for anyone. because I believe that her session can benefit for everybody."

Jean Jérôme - Kinesiology

"Great time with Marie Pierre. We met by chance and this was a unique momentum. Since 3 years now Marie Pierre is providing me a different relationship with the world.Everything is now different for the better. Still some way but this is life. My life. Thanks so much to you for this great experience. Our soul are connected for eternity.I wish you a great time today."

Stéphanie - Kinesiology

"Kinesiology allowed me to relate my body and my mind, to understand my ills ... to put words on it.During the sessions I could feel like a purification, a renewal of energy the development of my aura. As if all the energy of my being could circulate again freely inside and radiate."

Justin - Tantra Workshop

"Attending Marie Pierre's Tantrika workshop was a true gift. The space was held with sweetness and potency allowing for me to relax, play, explore, and expand into parts of myself I had forgotten. I left feeling very nourished, body, heart, and soul."

Phuong - Tantra Workshop

"Marie’s workshop is one of a kind! She is warm and sweet and her facilitation style is gentle and fun. 

I enjoyed this workshop very much as it gave me an opportunity to go deeper to know myself more in a fun and interactive way!

Please come and experience this for yourself! It’s unique and healing!"

Ryoko - Kinesiology

"Marie-Pierre’s session is soft and delicate yet surprisingly powerful. Difficult to explain in word but each time she pulls out something essential for me from inside of me to move on. The feeling of my own power coming up from my body is amazing. I feel like I’m reborn. Her guide and energy are so special... I really truly appreciate.

Thank you so much dear Marie-Pierre! Lots of love."