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"The YTT 200H course was a total change in my life.

I went in with the idea of becoming a yoga teacher, and my expectations were far exceeded.

The approach to yoga is unique and holistic, taking into account not only the physical, but also the mental and spiritual.

The teachers are 100% present, always listening and adapting the class to the needs of the group. This is something that was passed on to me, so that I can adapt to my students and their physical and emotional state. If there's one thing that's become very clear to me, it's that not every day is the same, and that adaptation is an important key. It was a wonderful experience, in the midst of the tranquility of the forest, the days went by so quickly, but at the same time, one day seemed like a month.

What's more, the food was really delicious.

I'm very happy with the 21 days we spent together between readings, exercises, meals, laughter and tears. They made me grow enormously as a yoga teacher, but above all, they helped me find the confidence and connection with myself that I had been missing so much. It's an immersion I'd highly recommend to those who want to become certified yoga teachers, but also to those who are looking for a retreat to find themselves through yoga and good food."



"Journey to Yourself...


Marie-Pierre was an excellent guide, enabling me to reconnect with my body and beyond.


Her caring, profound and playful approach helped me gradually let go of my resistance, and plunge into self-discovery.


I was there to become a yoga teacher, but I came away with much more than a certificate. 


Her guidance and intuitive approach to yoga helped me to get back in touch with my feelings and to trust myself, on and off the mat. 


One year after this wonderful experience, I'm still thankful to the universe for having brought me across your path, Marie-Pierre; a wonderful encounter that helped me to reveal myself and gain a little more self-confidence.


See you soon for more wonderful adventures :)"





"This was my first kinesiology session in my life.


At first, I thought it was just bodywork - something like massage or osteopathy.

However, what Marie-Pierre gave me was completely different from what I expected.

It was more like a spiritual journey deep inside me and an opening experience.

A healing occurred both mentally and spiritually and it had a great impact on my real life after the session.

I didn't even realize I had anything to heal, but she found imbalances to heal due to my body's reactions, using the Kinesiology technique.

After the session, I am more accepting of myself and my family and I feel happy about that.

As a therapist, as a friend, she is very reliable. She has always been honest.

I would like to recommend this session to anyone. Because I believe that her work can benefit everyone."


Jean Jérôme



"A great moment with Marie Pierre. We met 'by chance' and it was a unique dynamic. For 3 years, Marie Pierre has allowed me to have a different relationship with the world.

Everything is now different for the better. Still a little but that's life. My life. Thank you very much for this excellent experience.

Our souls are connected for eternity.

I wish you a beautiful continuation.😇"






"Kinesiology allowed me to connect my body and my mind, to understand my ailments... to put words to them.

During the sessions, I could feel a purification, a renewal of energy, the development of my aura.

As if all the energy of my being could flow freely inside and radiate."




"The feeling of my own power coming from my body is incredible.

I feel like I am being reborn. Her guidance and energy is very special."






"I met Marie Pierre at a time in my life when I was filled with sadness. The kinesiology session allowed me to accept the separation with my son, to rebuild myself emotionally. The advice, her great listening skills and her professionalism make Marie-Pierre, an extraordinary therapist."






"I was curious to know what Kinesiology could do for me. As I reflected on certain recurring patterns in my life, Marie Pierre was able to guide me to those times in my life where healing needed to take place. An understanding of the needs of the past self. 

It was a very enriching and enlightening session. I am very grateful and hope that all who need it will find their way to Marie Pierre.







"A few years ago, I decided to take care of myself. I came to find solutions to my sadness and finally I understand that there are no problems in our lives, only SIGNS to show us the right path.


The greatest gift of this work is YOU, understand that it is just yourself that you are looking for and finding yourself.

I don't know how long it may take, but it doesn't matter, maybe it's that there is never an end to finding your way.


I am learning every day that happiness is simple, I appreciate every moment, in the present, every moment of this precious life and all the beauties and gifts that are right in front of me.

I have to look for everything in my path, I find something unexpected: my precious OWN TEMPLE.

My meeting Marie-Pierre Gay has been a beautiful and precious thing in my life, THANK YOU. With love <3 "


Kinesiology, Yin Yoga, Tantra

"I was able to experience various services offered by Marie-Pierre, whether it was a kinesiology session, a yin yoga class or tantra events and others.

Each time it is an immense joy, a bubble of return to oneself, to one's center, a true moment of serenity, where the body, the soul and the spirit settle and realign themselves.

Marie-Pierre is one of those people who in all their humility and humanity transmit their knowledge with love and passion for our greatest good.

Thank you for being and radiating ✨🙏✨"


Kinesiology, Yoga

"Looking for a while to practice yoga but not finding what I was looking for, I crossed paths with Marie-Pierre perhaps not so much by chance. Beyond her practice, I was touched by her gentle and caring person who knew by her accompaniment how to make me find my own way to this so unknown Self. Far beyond words, I thank you for who you are."



"In the Gers on Tuesday and Thursday by zoom, an appointment that I try not to miss...I love it, my body loves it. Marie-pierre is attentive and gentle. I would prefer the face-to-face but I am too far away, the course is also perfect, in addition to my home it is simpler and more direct ... and no excuses to escape it is easy and accessible.

I have only one word: perfect, and I recommend 💝

Join us 😁"



"More than a yoga class, it's a return to oneself at each meeting. I have been practicing recently the video sessions and I had some preconceived ideas about this way of working at the beginning... But only at the beginning! Marie-Pierre transmits her generosity, her kindness, her gentleness, and much more in this space that seems out of time. My mind is no longer the only master on board, I regain awareness of my body! Thank you 🙏"




"How has my 'Journey for myself' been?


My heart is filled with gratitude and happiness. These four weeks together are a treasure.


Humanly, our exchanges have been so rich and dense. I have learned things about myself that I think would have taken me years to understand. I learned to listen, to welcome, to let go. I have grown. I discovered myself. I opened up to myself.


And yoga in all this?


With an open heart, you opened the door of your universe to me.

Each day was a wonderful adventure, punctuated by magical encounters, enriching and sometimes overwhelming experiences, yoga practices always in a spirit of listening and sharing.


You transmitted to me with accuracy and passion the knowledge I needed, whether it was theoretical or practical. Your singular approach to yoga and your teaching taught me to feel, to listen, to teach, to transmit in a simple, instinctive and playful way. And you have awakened in me a desire and a joy to teach that is more vibrant than ever. These weeks have been like years, a real journey. You have created the space for this wonderful inner transformation. 


For all our joys, for all our good meals, for all our exciting discussions, for our intense sharing, for our fabulous morning practices: I say thank you.




"Yoga is an ancient practice that has been passed on to me here in consciousness. It was a rich and intense learning experience, a path towards reconnecting with oneself, towards emotional, mental and physical healing...

This deep immersion enabled me to accept my body in the state it was in, and many pains and wounds on the mental, physical and emotional levels were able to be accepted and unblocked.

This was transmitted to me with respect for my difficulties, which have now been resolved or are on the way to being resolved.

The desire to pass on, with the same authenticity as our teacher, was born.

I recommend this course to everyone! To people who want to give classes, to those who want to learn what yoga is, or simply to those who want to get to know themselves."

Marie Laure



"This path towards myself has allowed me to explore different facets of my being to better embrace them.

I learned to listen to my desires, to welcome my fears, to go beyond them to see that what was behind was worth it.

I learned to love myself more, to allow myself, I discovered myself over time and I liked that.

These 4 weeks spent together were rich in teaching, sharing, emotions, and transformed me. This has helped me, on my return, to put things in place with more fluidity, and much less anxiety, and to progress more easily.


I am grateful for all these moments, the laughter, the tears, the joys, the angers, the states of grace, which have allowed me to grow and take a step closer to myself.

Yoga helps me day after day to calm down, to blossom and to move forward in my path. And I am quite surprised to see the joy I have in sharing it.

Thanks to you Marie Pierre and to all the participants. 





"The yoga sessions have done me a lot of good. I feel that it moves inside on the energy level and it wakes me up like electric wires everywhere especially in the fingers and the bottom of the spine all around the hips. So it motivates me even more...

For those who can. It's great... his energy and transmission of the postures is very powerful... Be diligent. And you will have magnificent returns in your evolutions 🍀🍀🍀"


Subtle Energetic Anatomy


"This workshop allows everyone to discover something different, something impalpable but which is very present in the depths of each of us and more alive than anything. This discovery of the inner self, of our sacred space, of our being in depth and in lineage was for me the revelation of this workshop. Beautiful encounters that reflect the deep self and form the whole, a space that allows us to explore in subtlety our being, rich in emotions, and in kindness. This workshop gave me the key to balance I came out of it grown. Thank you 🙏🏼


Subtle Energetic Anatomy


"These 5 days of training in subtle energetic anatomy, immersed in Marie Pierre's family home in the Gers, allowed me to disconnect totally from the outside world to better find myself in my inner being and understand how my own energetic body works thanks to the theory that Marie Pierre taught us but especially the practical application of each teaching through the practice of daily Yoga and Pranayama (deep breathing). Thus I understand better the functioning of the 7 main chakras, the energies called Yin/Yang and their impact on the physical body and many other things...

Without forgetting to mention the joy of sharing together, in full consciousness, the preparation of daily vegetarian meals with local products, discovering new foods and recipes, walks in nature...

In short, if you wish to LET GO, to learn to (re)connect to your soul, to your deepest being, to your inner child, I recommend you this training with Marie Pierre who will accompany you with all her Love and her Kindness."







"Thank you so much for all that we were able to share during these 3 days guided and wonderfully accompanied by Marie Pierre 💓 

It was profound, intense, healing and so good to feel so connected, welcomed and pampered🥰"



"Attending Marie Pierre's workshop was a true gift. The space was held with gentleness and power, allowing me to relax, play, explore and discover parts of myself I had forgotten. I left nourished, body, heart and soul."



"A big thank you to Marie Pierre for these magnificent yoga classes, it is always with great pleasure that I attend these classes. We find serenity, well-being, a beautiful dynamic and we reconnect with ourselves. Marie Pierre is a very gentle and caring teacher, I highly recommend her!"





"An appointment that I always wait with great pleasure, a journey, a discovery, flavors .... The empire of the senses ...."

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