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Kinesiology, energetic
& Bodywork

Express your Self

Kinesiology calms the mind, harmonizes the physical, psychic, energetic and emotional bodies, and helps you rediscover your true nature and sovereignty.



Our body knows.

During the session, we reconnect and harmonize the different aspects of our humanity: our physical body, our mental understanding, the liveliness of our emotions, often misunderstood and repressed.


We are energy, vital energy, and like water, this energy needs to circulate.


During the session, energy work restores coherence, balance and free circulation in the various bodies.

Action, vs réaction.

When we become aware of our programs, we become responsible for our actions, which are often reactions.


The work proposed here takes us out of the sphere of reactions, and into the presence of our ego in action, the true expression of our deepest nature.


Our nature is perfect
in all aspects of life.


Kinesiology is an invitation to move towards the Self, its Power, its innate Wisdom.

How does it work?

Kinesiology is a set of gentle techniques for releasing blockages stored in the body's memory and facilitating a return to balance.


An invitation to dialogue with oneself, it is a formidable tool for reconnecting with oneself.


Unique to kinesiology, muscle testing allows the body to express itself. This allows us to identify the stress and emotion that have led to the physical or psychological disorder, to bring them to consciousness (biological decoding) and to identify the person's own solutions for rebalancing.

We are perfect.

When we are conceived, we inherit family, social, cultural and genetic memories, and often unconsciously become part of patterns and programs that condition us until they manifest themselves physically or psycho-emotionally.


The synchronicities we create lead us, more or less intensely, to reveal these shadow mechanisms, so that they can be brought to light and dealt with.


Kinesiology enables us to bring them to consciousness, integrate and transmute them, so that they become a personal treasure and a breeding ground for our evolution.



Example of tools that can be used during a session:

  • Structural: at the physical level: massage of neuro-lymphatic and neurovascular points, integration of archaic reflexes, remodeling of laterality (BrainGym).

  • Life ecology: identifies the factors in the person's environment that are capable of maintaining an imbalance: lifestyle, living environment, eating habits, etc.


  • Emotional: modify the perception of an event experienced as traumatic. By releasing and reprogramming emotions associated with the past, we can modify our perception of the present. Emotional stress de-fusion techniques may involve EMDR, EFT, Bach Flower Remedies, essential oils...

  • Energetics: rebalancing the meridians and Five Elements according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupressure...).

Each session is a combination of Kinesiology, Energetic, reflexotherapy & Bodywork, to calm the mind, to harmonize the physical, psychic, energetic and emotional bodies, to find one's deep nature and sovereignty.

Each session is different, duration is usually about 1hour.

Consultations France:
87 traverse des Galets,

83140 Six Fours les Plages

Price: 90€

Sessions are accessible online

& Whatsapp: +33612182657


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